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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How does wireless compare to a Dial-Up Connection?
    Although sold as a 56k connection, a 56k dial-up connection operates at a maximum speed of 53k; and this speed is only achieved under the best of conditions. The average dial-up connection has an effective speed of less than 40k. MidNight Solutions  minimum speed of 128k will have an effective speed of three to five times that of a dial-up connection. And, if you are using a second telephone line for your internet connection, the cost of our basic connection will most probably be less than what you are paying for just the phone line, not even considering what you pay to your dial-up provider.

  • How does wireless compare to cable?
    In a cable environment, each customer is statically allocated a percentage of the cable's potential. Because of this necessary allocation, subscribers are unable to share the full potential of available bandwidth even when it's available. In a wireless environment, this allocation is dynamic, thus allowing the customer to use all available bandwidth, right up to their selected level of connection. Also, a standard residential cable hook up is non-symmetric, sending information at only 1/4 the speed at which it can receive. If you are sending out large data files or participate in online gaming, this disparity is apparent. In a wireless environment, data is sent and received at the same speed. Our connections are symmetrical.

  • How does wireless compare to DSL service.
    Although comparable in its ability for high speed connections, DSL service is distance sensitive. It is often referred to as "last mile technology" because it generally does not work beyond 18,000 feet. The further you are from the switching station of the telephone company, the slower the data rate. DSL is only available in locations where the proper wire and transfer station infrastructure has been installed. DSL can take 4-6 weeks to provision. MidNight Solutions offers faster speeds than DSL and can be installed the same day you order service. Our typical install fees are lower than the setup fees associated with a DSL setup.

  • How secure is wireless?
    Our service uses a proprietary wireless technology not based on IEEE 802.11b which has received a lot of bad press regarding its lack of security. In fact, the security of our radios is better than that offered by cable modem providers! Please contact us for specific answers to your Internet security questions.

  • What kind of equipment do I need for service?
    MidNight Solutions  provides the End-User-Modem, or EUM, and the antenna needed to connect to our wireless network. Some installations will be able to use a small indoor antenna and can be easily installed within minutes. Many locations may require the use of an outdoor antenna for acceptable network performance.
    The only requirement for you, the home user, is a computer with a working network adapter or Ethernet card. MidNight Solutions  End-User-Modem connects to your computer network via a 10MB Ethernet connection. If you are not sure if your computer already has a network interface card (NIC), MidNight Solutions  will assist you in the purchase and setup for your computer.

  • How much will the equipment cost?
    There will be an initial setup fee when you sign up for MidNight Solutions , which is a one-time charge for the installation and configuration of the equipment provided by MidNight Solutions  during the course of service.

  • What are your technical support hours?
    Our technical support staff is available 7 days a week. You can contact us from 6am to 12pm 7 days a week. If we are unavailable, we will contact you as soon as we receive your message. Please make sure to leave name, phone number, short message so we can help you as best as possible.

  • Do I need to keep my AOL/MSN/Earthlink account?
    No, MidNight Solutions  wireless service does not require a dial-up account. MidNight Solutions  is your ISP and replaces AOL, MSN, and Earthlink as your ISP.

  • Do you offer services for my home or office?
    Yes. MidNight Solutions  offers enhanced services for the demanding Internet user. MidNight Solutions  can install your office or home network, design and host your web pages, your critical network applications and your e-mail. We can set up your domain name as well.

  • Do Cordless phones interfere with my connection?
    Our service uses radio frequencies in the 900Mhz range, and as such we recommend that 900Mhz cordless phones be seperated from the End-User-Modem by at least one room or 10 feet, but typically will not cause a problem.

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