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MidNight Solutions Email Configuration

Account and Server Names:

To configure either IMAP and POP protocol mail agents, you need the following information:

Server Name:
Account Name: (MidNight Solutions assigned account name)
SMTP Server:
Outgoing User Name: (use only if instructed by MidNight Solutions)

The following pages describe how to set up a
POP email account on

MS Outlook Express

MS Outlook

MidNight Solutions supports both IMAP and POP3 mail protocols. These are the commonly used protocols for mail agent applications. There are different advantages to both protocols. As a general rule of thumb, if you wish to share your email account with another computer, for example read mail at the office and at home, then IMAP protocol should be used because IMAP can be configured to leave the messages on the server and does not automatically delete them from your email account.

Important: When using the IMAP protocol, be sure enable the removal of deleted messages. As funny as it sounds, most IMAP mail clients only MARK a message as deleted, but you have to either configure the client to remove the message or manually remove deleted mail. Some mail clients use the terms purge, and expunge for this final delete step.

Since your email account will have a storage maximum or quota, we encourage you to download and save those files that you want to keep for a long time on your home or buisness computer and delete from the server. The POP protocol automatically downloads the email from the server to the receiving client machine and deletes the messages from the server. The POP protocol reduces storage requirements on the server.